Utah Wildlife Trail Rides

Canyonlands Wildlife Tours - Wild HorsesOur Canyonlands wildlife tours are segmented from our regularly scheduled trail rides to the San Rafael Swell Wilderness and the High Plateaus because wildlife sightings are common and always a distinctive highlight of these rides. The wild horses and desert bighorn sheep on the San Rafael Swell, and the elk, deer and large birds-of-prey on the High Plateaus, will be actively sought and you’ll take time to observe these majestic critters with spotting scope and binoculars. See San Rafael Swell and High Plateaus Trail Rides for more information.

Wildlife Tour Package Includes:
In addition to the all inclusive Package listed on other rides, spotting scopes and binoculars will be available to share with other guests.

Departures 2016
Destination Highlights
April 17 San Rafael Swell Wildlife/Wild Horses & Wildflowers in the Hondoo Country
April 24 San Rafael Swell Wildlife/Wild Horses & Wildflowers on Muddy River Gorge
May 1 San Rafael Swell Wildlife/Desert Bighorn Sheep in Red & Chimney Canyons
June 26     July 3 High Plateaus/ Capitol Reef NP Wildlife/Elk, Deer, Birds-of-Prey & Wildflowers
July 31     Aug. 7 High Plateaus/ Boulder Mtn Wildlife/Turkeys, Elk, Aspen, & Glacial Lakes
Aug. 21     Aug. 28 High Plateaus/ Boulder Mtn Wildlife/Canyonland views, Elk, Deer, and Birds-of-Prey
Oct 16
Oct 23
San Rafael Swell Wildlife/Wild Horses & Fall Foliage on Muddy River Gorge


For Detailed Itinerary of Wildlife Trail Rides see itinerary of San Rafael Swell Trail Ride and of High Plateau Trail Ride. The general scenario differs little excepting our concerted effort to sight and watch wildlife each day.

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