Capitol Reef National Park Horseback Riding

Capitol Reef National Park Horseback Riding

Capitol Reef Utah Horseback Riding Vacations: Inn to Inn Trail Rides

Capitol Reef National Park Horseback Trail Rides:

Capitol Reef is a landscape where thousands of feet of layered sediments, deposited over three-hundred million years of geologic history, have been thrust skyward by faulting of the earth’s crust. Eons of water and wind have then carved the jagged, multi colored spectacle you see today. It is little wonder the Ute Indians called Capitol Reef and environs: “Land of the Sleeping Rainbow”. To stand on the breaks of Thousand Lakes Mountain or Boulder Mountain and take in the panorama of Capitol Reef and beyond, is indisputably an opportunity of a lifetime.

A deluxe basecamp will serve as your home for daily forays deeper into the wilderness. Exploring a new trail each day, you’ll visit ancient petroglyphs, slickrock mountains, slot-canyons, rock arches, buttes and spires. Experience Cathedral Valley, Paradise, Hell’s Hole, The Golden Throne, Pleasant Creek Gorge, Deep Creek Gorge, Tantalus Canyon, and more.


2019 DeparturesHighlights
May 26Capitol Reef National Park: Springtime in the Slickrock country
June 9, 16Red Rock Canyons, Spring in Capitol Reef and beyond
June 30, July 7The Great Western Trail: High Plateaus/Canyon lands views
July 21, 28High Plateaus: Capitol Reef views above the Park
August 11, 18High Plateaus above Waterpocket Fold & Circle Cliffs

Detailed Itinerary: Capitol Reef National Park Inn to Inn Trail Rides

Note: The trip is designed to spend the first three nights at one of the elegant lodges available in Torrey, Utah and the last three nights in the best accommodations in Boulder, Utah. From these two elegant inns, daily trail riding destinations will vary according to the season of the year and the area featured. Those areas featured are Capitol Reef National Park, Escalante Canyons National Monument and the High Plateaus of Boulder Mountain or Thousand Lake Mountain which constitute their watershed. These three areas are contiguous to each other with the towns of Torrey and Boulder in their midst.
Breakfasts and dinners will be a “sampler” of the remarkable quality of cuisine at a range of local restaurants. Lunches will be eaten on the trail. Time away from the lodge may vary day to day, but as a general rule, you should plan to depart by nine each morning and to return about six in the evening. The rides are leisurely and might be divided into two groups, one group going a longer distance and one a shorter distance. Daily travel time to or from our trailhead averages about twenty minutes.

Torrey Lodging Info:
Inn-to-Inn Trail Rides depart from Torrey, Utah. Torrey is a town of a little over 200 population, which is located at the junction of State Highways 12, and 24 near the west entrance of Capitol Reef National Park.  We use one of the area’s three best inns for lodging our guests during the ride’s first three nights.  You will lodge at Torrey Schoolhouse B & B, The Red Sands Hotel, or the Muley Twist Inn. The inn used will be specified with confirmation of ride reservation.

Boulder Lodging Info:
Inn Rides end in Boulder, Utah. Boulder is a tiny town with big scenery. It is famous as the last town in the continental United States which could be reached by automobile–1938. It is located on Highway 12–named by AAA Auto Club as one of the three most scenic roads in America–forty miles south of Torrey. Lodging is quite scarce; we’ll stay at either the Boulder Mountain Lodge or Pole’s Place for our last three nights based on availability.

This is a sample itinerary  of several trails we may use. Each trail is unique and we’ll highlight the best trails for the conditions.

Day 1: Arrive scenic Torrey, Utah and check into your assigned lodge.  Participants on Inn-to-Inn rides will meet with your trip leader and interpretative specialist for orientation and to outline details, destinations, and scheduling particulars at 8:00pm at your assigned lodge.

Day 2: Your guides will meet you after breakfast at your inn and then you’ll depart for a short vehicle ride to the trailhead meeting the remainder of the crew and your horse.   After becoming familiar with your mount, you’ll hit the Sand Creek Trail for The Mummy Cliffs and Fremont River Overlook, Hell’s Hole and Paradise Overlook or you’ll ride along Pleasant Creek as you pass through the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park.

Day 3: From your Torrey inn, you’ll visit Sulfur Creek Gorge and The Goosenecks; or you’ll ride the Keller Trail to Capitol Reef Overlook on Chokecherry Point and The Terrace.

Day 4: Today your accommodations will shift from the Torrey area to Boulder, Utah.  For those guests traveling by automobile, you’ll transfer car and luggage to trails end then go in Hondoo’s van to today’s trailhead and ride The Slickrock Trail or you’ll ride The Great Western Trail to The Terrace and Meek’s Lake.  Follow Hondoo’s vehicles to your new accommodations with plenty of time to unpack, relax and enjoy a distinctive dining experience with your guide before bedding down.

Day 5: From our Boulder base, you’ll experience the Burr Trail into the Escalante river canyons of Sand Hollow and Deer Creek or you’ll ride from Roundup Flat Trail to Long Lake, Scout Lake and Sunflower Flat.

Day 6: You’ll depart for a final day of riding joining your mount in Indian Gulch, then journey to The Lamp Stand, Lamanite Natural Bridge and Egg Canyon or venture to Edmund’s Hole, Steep Creek Lakes and Deer Creek. On this final evening, you’ll enjoy a group dinner before your final night’s stay.

Day 7 Depart Boulder, Utah.

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