Utah Rock Art Trail Rides


Rock art has long been a passion for the owners of Hondoo Rivers and Trails. These trips are segmented from our regularly scheduled trailrides to the San Rafael Swell Wilderness and Capitol Reef National Park because Utah rock art is a focal point of these rides. The trips feature petroglyphs and pictographs that are seldom visited. The rockart varies from archaic to historic on the Capitol Reef ride, and Barrier Canyon and Fremont styles are seen on the San Rafael ride. Along with the cave paintings of Baja, the rock art of this region is the finest in North America.


Departures Destination Highlights
May 31 Capitol Reef National Park Rockart on the Pleasant Creek Gorge
Aug 30 San Rafael Swell Rockart in the Sid’s Mountain Wilderness

For Detailed Itinerary of Rockart Trailrides see itinerary of Capitol Reef NP Trailrides using the Pleasant Creek camp and of San Rafael Swell Trailrides using the Cold Canyon camp. Again, the general scenario differs little except we’ll make a concerted effort to visit petroglyph and pictograph panels in proximity to our trail.

For Other Rockart opportunities visit https://www.hondoo.com/adventure/rock-art-tours/


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