Canyon Lands Rock Art Tours

The Colorado Plateau is known worldwide for pre-Historic Rock Art. The cliffs and canyons of the region serve as a spectacular backdrop for the myriad  pictographs and petroglyphs found here.

Hondoo has long guided Utah rock art excursions to remote and seldom visited locations. Trips of varying length and and group size may be arranged. We are fascinated by these unique Fremont and Barrier Canyon style  sites and would be delighted to facilitate your discovery of them.

Trips may depart from our Torrey headquarters or another area city if visiting Range Creek.

Range Creek Tours: Home to the richest repository of significant Fremont Indian archaeological sites in the world.  Visitors often come to the canyon expecting an experience similar to a Mesa Verde visit and leave surprised by the subtlety of Fremont archaeology.  Ruins are very discrete, often no more than a partial circle of stone or a barely discernible color change in the soil.  Even the archaeologist’s working in the canyon continue to be surprised by new sites in unexpected areas.  For additional photos in Range creek please visit

Range Creek Dates:  Please phone for additional information.

sego canyon pictograph - Utah rock art
Barrier Canyon pre-historic rock art of the Colorado Plateau - Utah rock art Barrier Canyon style pictograph Fish Creek Cove paintings - Utah rock art Fish Creek Cove Pictographs
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