Utah Raft & Ride Trips

RAFT & RIDE COMBO TRIPS (see below for Raft only):
Rafting Utah’s canyon country on the Green River or Colorado River is an exciting adventure and unforgettable experience. Although Hondoo no longer outfits white water rafting trips, we have chosen to associate Hondoo’s name with our long-time friends and canyon country compatriots, the Quist brothers of Moki Mac Expeditions.

Hondoo has joined with our long time river runner friends to offer a schedule of multi-sport adventures which combine white-water river rafting with backcountry horseback riding. You will have the opportunity to engage in rafting for 3 days, then after a night of inn lodging, you’ll experience another part of the canyonlands by horseback for 5 days.

The raft & ride combo features complete outfitting.

The raft portion of these camping trips explore Utah’s premier white-water section of the Colorado River thru Cataract Canyon. From Moki’s headquarters in Green River. Utah you’ll fly over the Canyonlands to your nearby launch site on the Colorado River. Your river journey will lead you thru the heart of Canyonlands National Park. Participants join the 3 day motor-powered expedition for two nights camping on the Colorado River before ending the float on Lake Powell and your van ride back to Green River.

From Green River, you’ll journey by your vehicle to nearby Torrey, Utah for an evening’s stay in the comfort of a modern travel lodge.

The ride portion of these combination trips offer participants the opportunity to join Hondoo to explore ‘The Land of the Sleeping Rainbow’. This is a wild landscape dominated by slickrock. With summer’s heat, we’ll move camp to increasingly alpine elevations in the High Plateaus overlooking Capitol Reef National Park or Escalante Canyons/Grand Staircase National Monument.

You arrive back in Torrey in the late afternoon of day six with Hondoo.

Cataract Canyon 3 Day Motorized

$650.00 Adult
$475.00 Youth (15/under)

Rates are Green River, Utah and return, and include a flight from Green River to the Mineral Bottom launch site and van transportation return to Green River.

Departs each Friday April 22 through October 7

Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River
Journey through the heart of the Canyonlands in an 18 foot oar-powered or 24 foot motor-powered inflatable raft. Scenic features you’ll see include The Turks Head, The Doll House, Butte of the Cross, Elaterite Butte, Ekker Butte, Dark Canyon, Clearwater Canyon, Narrow Canyon and so much more. Some of the world famous Colorado River whitewater you’ll experience includes Brown Betty, The Button, Mile Long, Been Hurt, Big Drop One, Big Drop Two and Satan’s Gut .

You’ll have plenty of time to relax or swim along the sandy beaches, explore ancient Indian ruins or hike the cool environs of narrow, precipitous side canyons. The dark blue waters of Lake Powell will invite a final swim and signal the approach of the end of the trip at Hite Marina.

Desolation Canyon of the Green River
Travel through 100 miles of wilderness in an 18 foot oar-powered inflatable raft. The Green River is the major tributary of the Colorado River and displays over sixty sets of rapids. For the adventurous, on the calm sections and at many minor and mid-sized rapids, you’ll have the opportunity float in two-person, inflatable canoes. With a little luck and a sharp eye, you’ll see Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

Desolation Canyon is loaded with pre-historic Indian petroglyph and pictograph panels and is the home of the historic, abandoned ranches at Rock Creek and Florence Creek. Scenic features you’ll see include Peter’s Point, Red Point, and Flat Canyon Arch, Broken Finger Arch, Trail Canyon Butte, Gunnison Butte, Nefertiti and more. Some of the more anticipated rapids are Fretwater Falls, Lion Canyon, McPherson’s, Coal Creek, Range Creek and Rattlesnake.

5 Day Desolation Canyon Rowing or Paddling Trips
$975.00 Adult
$755.00 Youth (15/under)

Rates are Green River, Utah and return, and include a flight from Green River to Sand Wash and van transportation return to Green River.
May 10 – 14 May 17 – 21 May 24 – 28 May 31 – June 4 June 14 – 18
June 21 – 25 July 5 – 9 July 10 – 14 July 19 – 23 July 24 – 28
July 31 – August 4 August 9 – 13 August 16 – 20 August 23 – 27 August 30- Sept 3
September 5 – 10

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